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Author:  zalo [ Mon Nov 01, 2021 12:32 pm ]
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[quote="WSBornNBred"]You have one more chance to see Wake football at home this year - we play NC State on 11/13. Wake has a pretty good shot at cracking the top 10 today after the win yesterday and three losses by teams just ahead of us in the rankings (Kentucky, Ole Miss, Iowa).

For what it's worth, despite all of the hand wringing about WFU and Charlotte, Wake does a fantastic job at promoting Winston during the games with the Welcome to Deactown marketing, with the scoreboard featuring shots of Bailey Power Plant and the skyline, with hashtags of WFWS (Wake Forest Winston Salem), etc. The football team is gaining National recognition and bringing more eyes on our city. If we can hang on to Clawson, Wake may become a perennial contender in the ACC.[/quote]

Your points are well taken! Regarding the highlighted last sentence, God knows they're spending enough money to keep him. Jeez, I wish we had about 3/4 other Bob McCrearys dumping that much $$$$ into the undergrad & grad school operations here in Winston!

Author:  smain [ Tue Dec 14, 2021 3:01 pm ]
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Gregory Slade AKA "The Pointer" was killed in a hit and run over the weekend. Many of you may recognize him as the guy who was always smiling and dancing while selling newspapers on University Parkway (between the coliseum and Putters). He was always sporting Wake Forest gear and apparently was walking to the coliseum to catch a game. He was truly part of the Winston-Salem fabric.

Here's a link to his gofundme page: ... e=customer

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