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 Post subject: Re: Hanes Mall
PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2022 4:33 pm 

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Fourth and Main wrote:
One of the luxury malls here in the Atlanta area has metal detectors on the escalators and security everywhere, with rising crime. That will likely push more people toward lifestyle centers?

That building is so complicated! The former BB&T Financial Center (200 West Second Street) has three owners for the two different pieces needed to make something happen there and will have to be assembled. Also, buildings of that age are performing the worst right now (in leasing). I don't want to say this, but I'm guessing the City will have to assemble this? I don't think DWSP has the money? Is the Millennium Fund still around to assemble this, to avoid City restrictions on the use and upset bidding? Maybe a local developer/company who cares about the city would be willing to assemble it? It will likely have to be assembled before any developer will look at it? Thankfully, Truist has finally put the parking under the building on the market, but they want $4,609,400 for it! I'm sure they are aware that nothing can be done with the building without buying their parking deck. I've seen a number of old buildings reclad and, from what several people have told me, maybe this is one that should be considered for a reclad? In a reclad, it's possible to gain an extra floor for apartments/condominiums or to convert the 20th floor into an amenity floor. You could make something similar to BETTER THAN a Skyhouse from this, if done right. You could also convert the extension on the back into a really nice restaurant with outdoor seating around the reflecting pool. That could bring more people to the park during non-event times. Remove the PoMo (Crystal Palace-inspired) glass barrel vault and you could have a second floor outdoor amenity area for office, hotel, or residential tenants. Actually, the entire design is based largely on the Crystal Palace. The shallow floor plates are good for residential conversion, but I've heard people say over-and-over the green glass could be an issue. As well as how dated it looks. A reclad could give you balconies and outdoor common areas. I've seen many cities reclad sizable buildings like this, including Greensboro. I want to say Greenville also did a reclad? My hometown of Asheville recently completed a reclad of its second tallest that added enough height to make it the tallest. I can remember Charlotte doing a reclad or two in the 1990s? They are becoming more common as a way to update outdated designs. And many of them are nice. Winnipeg recently completed a reclad of an outdated 1979 building on their skyline. I don't think you have to drastically alter the shape of the structure. If anyone is daydreaming of it staying office, it will likely have to be reclad if you want Class A rent in the Triad. City incentives would likely work for an office relcad? This building could be the most 1980s structure in the entire state and it appears fully intact. Those are the buildings struggling the most right now.

I have a good friend who sells $3-4000.00 pairs of shoes at the Lenox Neiman’s. He says crime in Atlanta at their malls is rampant.....mostly shoplifting.

 Post subject: Re: Hanes Mall
PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2022 1:11 am 

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That is very true. You have to be alert at the malls in and around the Perimeter. Both inside the mall and in the parking areas. Avalon (lifestyle center near me) seems very safe, though. Halcyon (another lifestyle center near me) is also safe and nice, but I rarely go there. As for indoor malls, Mall of Georgia seems nice and safe and they tried to renovate the worn-out and faded materials and furniture in that mall. That mall is surrounded by apartment construction and new attractions. I think that is the only nice mall in Gwinnett (a county of one million people!) now? That enclosed mall was sort of an early experiment by the developer, with part of the mall constructed as a small lifestyle center at the food court entrance.

My dream for 200 West Second Street is for a university to buy it. This would be a gut renovation that preserves the exterior as it is, but modernizes the inside and maybe adds lighting at night to the white roof (to make it stand-out more on the skyline, instead of disappearing at night). I would like to see downtown revitalized with more apartments/condominiums and more college students. Sadly, I think the only college that could possibly make that dream a reality is Wake Forest University and they are likely focused on their Innovation Quarter development? Carolina University can't seem to do anything with the old motel they bought? I don't think Salem College can take-on a project like that (can't afford it and it would be a distraction from where they should be focused)? Maybe WSSU or UNCSA? Bringing students and professors downtown would help to replace the lost office workers and it would bring outside money into downtown. It could also keep the building active during non-business hours? I think restaurants and coffee shops would benefit more from college students and frequent breaks between classes than they would from office workers with a lunch break. It could keep downtown streets more active? We could also see more cycling and walking? Sadly, I'm guessing the short floor-to-ceiling heights, it's outdated appearance, 500 West 5th taking much of the university startup activity, not being in the Innovation Quarter, and the expense will limit it to residential conversion.

Could it be converted into maybe a creative startup space for creative companies? A glass building is perfect for this and it doesn't matter what color the glass is. That reuse could require only a minimal renovation and have a nice impact on downtown, while expanding the startup ecosystem? There are already a few successful efforts to help creative entrepreneurs that could be moved to this building? The businesses created here would also make the city more of a "City of the Arts." I would guess those businesses are likely to stay and grow here?

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